The surfing in Bizkaia is fantastic. Sopela, Meñakoz and above all Mundaka. Its wave is one of the most famous "lefts" in the world, a real spectacle. Surfers from all over the world come to ride the same tube as the professionals. +

Surf en Mundaka

Bizkaia Bridge

The extremely well known Suspension Bridge, classified as World Heritage, is still in full use connecting the banks of Portugalete and Getxo. The top deck is a walkway that should not be missed. The views are breathtaking. +

Bizkaia Bridge

Pozalagua Cave

Named by the Repsol Guide as the Best Corner 2013, with almost 900,000 votes, this natural wonder has the highest known concentration of eccentric stalactites. The entire cave can be visited thanks to a magnificent lighting system and a 450 m walkway. +

Pozalagua Cave


Declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, Urdaibai is a unique area given the variety of ecosystems present, the large number of migratory birds that can be seen the beauty of its landscapes. Here man lives in harmony with nature. +


Guggenheim Bilbao

Since 1997 this has been a symbol of the new Bilbao the collection of modern art it houses is almost as impressive as the building itself, designed by Frank O. Gehry. It is considered one of the masterpieces of contemporary architecture. +

Guggenheim Bilbao


The only example of a windmill from its time still standing and it is preserved in Getxo. Its construction took place between 1726 and 1727 as a result of a drought in the early eighteenth century that affected the Lordship. +

Torre Loizaga

The only Rolls-Royce Collection in Europe with all models manufactured between 1910-1998.
Located in the countryside, the reconstructed medieval Loizaga tower also houses other unique collection of vintage cars, classic and sports +

Torre Loizaga

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2016, the second best year in visits recorded at the Guggenheim and Fine Arts museums


The artistic activity in Bilbao does not stop growing year after year. Its main museums, the Guggenheim and the Fine Arts, have closed 2016 as the second best exercise in number of visitors of their history, with a total of 1,169,404 and 269,978 people respectively. The Guggenheim, moreover, has received for the eighth time in its life more than one million visitors.

The ICEX places the BEC the international gimmick in seven fairs


The Bilbao Exhibition Center (BEC) has been able to get that the ICEX (Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade) gives the Complete International Award to seven fairs that will organize the fairgrounds in 2017: Creative Trends, World Maritime Week, Subcontracting and Ferroforma. In addition, Pumps & Valves, Maintenance, Fitmaq, Addit3d and Expovacaciones have obtained the International Concession for customs purposes.

A parade of solidarity with great surprises to begin 2017 in Galdakao


Galdakao proposes on January 5th a Solidarity Parade as the best way to start the new year. The associations of Urretaldea and Argizai Eskaut Taldea organize this event in collaboration with the City Council and another year it does with the solidarity as its pennant.

The Basque language in its purest state with Aiko Taldea at Baserri Antzoki of Derio


Under the motto Baserri Antzokia Dantzan, all inhabitants of the Txorierri valley and its visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy different dance and traditional singing activities on December 30th with the collaboration of the collective of musicians and dance masters AIKO Taldea Which, as a stable company at the Baserri Antzokia will promote for the Txoerirri Valley, parades workshops, cinema, courses ... etc.

YIMBY Street joins Christmas with a charity exhibition of train models


Located at the Rampas de Uribitarte of Bilbao, YIMBY Street will host the exhibition between January 2nd and 5th, which last year was visited by 6,000 people. All the proceeds will go to the aid plans that Caritas develops in favor of the people in situation or risk of exclusion in Biscay.

German Expressionism versus the Formal Aesthetics of the European Abstraction


The Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao shows from February 3rd to June 4th pieces of the Abstract Expressionism, a phenomenon as heterogeneous as its own protagonists. The collective label that the critic Robert Coates coined in 1946 suggests two polar opposites: the emotional intensity of the German Expressionism and the formal aesthetics of the European Abstraction. The museum also shows the role of the American artists, usually with colossal-sized pieces.