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Legal Warning

Intellectual Property

All intellectual and industrial property rights of the web-site or the mybilbaobizkaia portal (herein after "the portal") and the content thereof (specifically, texts, images, sounds, audio, video, designs, creative concepts, software) are owned by the Provincial Council of Biscay or alternatively by the persons identified as the authors of the content and are protected by intellectual property legislation.

The Provincial Council of Biscay shall not assume any liability arising from the use by any third party of the content of mybilbaobizkaia and may exercise all civil or criminal actions available to it in the event that its intellectual property rights are infringed by the user.

The re-use of the documents prepared or held by the Public Administrations is governed by the provisions of Act 37/2007, of 16 November, on re-use of information from the public sector.

Conditions of Use

  1. The user may access, print, play, copy, and store all elements on the hard drive of the user’s own computer or in any other physical support media, provided that the original context is maintained, no modification or alteration is effected thereto and that the use thereof is restricted for personal or educative purposes. The use or modification thereof for commercial purposes is expressly forbidden, except with prior authorisation from the Provincial Council of Biscay. The use for commercial purposes or the modification of the programmes that may be downloaded from mybilbaobizkaia is also forbidden.
  2. It is forbidden to make use of the content or services of mybilbaobizkaia for any action that contravenes current legislation and especially, but without limitation to, the following:
    1. Act to the detriment of the Provincial Council of Biscay or to third parties.
    2. Use any unauthorised means so as to modify or re-direct the content and/or the services of mybilbaobizkaia, or to attempt any such actions.
    3. Disseminate inappropriate or unlawful content that may constitute illegal acts such as any activity that serves to justify or defend acts of terrorism, pirated programmes, child pornography, threats, Confidence tricks, pyramid selling schemes, viruses, corrupted files or hostile codes or any other content that may cause any losses or damages to the Provincial Council of Biscay or to third parties.
    4. Damage, deactivate, overload or frustrate access to mybilbaobizkaia, or interfere with the use and enjoyment of the service by any other person.
    5. Use the content and/or services of mybilbaobizkaia in an inappropriate manner for your own personal interests.
    6. Sell or distribute the contents and/or services of mybilbaobizkaia or any part thereof.
  3. The Provincial Council of Biscay shall not be liable for any losses or damages that may be caused by any of the links included within mybilbaobizkaia which are not part of the Provincial Council of Biscay, nor does it guarantee the proper functioning thereof.
  4. In certain sections of mybilbaobizkaia it is possible that any person may add or modify via the internet the content of these web-pages (specifically, blogs, forums, flickr, youtube). In these sections the information contained has not been revised by the Provincial Council of Biscay and accordingly it does not guarantee the accuracy of the information available therein.
  5. The Provincial Council of Biscay reserves the right to delete without prior notice all content that contains texts, links, images, animations, videos or any other content that it may consider inappropriate. Furthermore, the Provincial Council of Biscay may notify the pertinent authorities of any unlawful contents or acts carried out on mybilbaobizkaia.
  6. The Provincial Council of Biscay does not guarantee the availability or the future continuity of mybilbaobizkaia or of the services contained therein, and accordingly shall not be liable for any losses or damages that may be caused as a consequence of the unavailability and/or continuity of mybilbaobizkaia.
  7. The Provincial Council of Biscay reserves the right to change or remove the services or contents from mybilbaobizkaia at any time.

Data Protection Guarantee

The Provincial Council of Biscay ensures the strictest confidentiality in the event of any collection or handling of data provided by its users. Furthermore, the legally required levels of security for data protection have been adopted and all of the means and technical measures within its power in order to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access to and theft of the personal data provided, have been duly installed.

The personal data, after having been collected, shall be subject to data handling by and duly incorporated within the corresponding files of the Provincial Council of Biscay. The data provided, as the case may be, shall be solely used for the purposes established in the data collection form.

The Provincial Council of Biscay shall provide to users the appropriate technical resources so that, before providing any personal data, they may access the notice regarding the Data Protection Policy and any other relevant information and furthermore users may consent to the handling of their personal data by the Provincial Council of Biscay.

User responsibility

The responsibility for the opinions expressed and the content introduced (whether in the form of data, texts, documents, music, photographs, images, graphics, videos, opinions or similar content) by the users of mybilbaobizkaia is exclusively the responsibility of the respective authors. Such persons shall be liable for all losses and damages (whether to property, pain and suffering, indirect, caused to third parties, or of any other nature) that arise as a result of the use or the unlawful operation of the web-portal or of its elements.

In the subscriptions for services provided through mybilbaobizkaia, in which access data is to be provided (user name and password), the registered person is responsible for the confidentiality of such data and for all of the actions that are carried out using this access data. In the event that an unauthorised use of the account or any other security breach is being carried out, you must notify the Provincial Council of Biscay. It is recommended that to disconnect from the restricted zone the links or buttons established for such purposes are used.


The mybilbaobizkaia web-site uses cookies (small data files that the mybilbaobizkaia server sends to the computers of those users that access the web-page) only as required for the correct functioning and viewing of the web-site by the user.

The "cookies" used in mybilbaobizkaia shall in no event be used to collect information of a personal nature.

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