Bilbao Capital of Art, The Guggenheim Museum

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Music has a privileged place
in the world of Basque culture.

Performance venues:
The Arriaga Theatre
The Azkuna Theatre
The Palace Euskalduna

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Surfing in Bilbao

Mythical and world-class waves that guarantee unforgettable moments: the coasts of northern Spain, a surfing paradise and some of the biggest competitions on the international circuit.


Bilbao Capital of the world

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3 July 2019

Where to learn to surf in the Basque Country ?

Do you want to learn how to surf? You should know that better to go to France because there are many sandy beaches and more specifically […]
2 July 2019

Giphar Forum 2019: Professional seminar for pharmacists

All today’s pharmacists join networks and groups that organise seminars over a weekend or a week, sometimes in the Basque Country, Biarritz or Bilbao. This is […]
24 June 2019

Where to learn Kite Surfing in Spain?

Have you ever wanted to try kitesurfing, or maybe take it to a new level, without having to travel far? Enter Spain and its famous windy […]

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